Agia Skepi is a rehabilitation program for persons struggling with long-term substance abuse, based in Cyprus. The program helps users address their dependence and provides them with the necessary skill-set for social reintegration.

The counselling centre is the point of contact for help. It aims to improve the living conditions of addicted persons and encourages them to seek treatment.

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The Therapeutic Community, located near the village of Politiko, is a residential centre, where members participate in group therapy, in an ideal environment away from distractions.   Daily activities include organic farming, packaging, baking bread, cooking, gardening and sports.  

Once the members complete the residential part of the program, they move to the reintegration hostel. While continuing group therapy, they are urged to develop the necessary autonomy to re-enter society as active members.

Agia Skepi also offers counselling and support to users not enrolled in its programs and their families.

In the context of work therapy, the community has developed a social entrepreneurship action in the field of organic food products. Bio farming and rehabilitation share core values, such as sustainable and chemically free development, reward through labour and perseverance, and respect for nature.  

This action has resulted in the creation of a number of jobs for programme graduates. It provides members with a sense of accomplishment and is a source of inspiration for potential members.  

More than 75% of those who complete the program manage to rebuild their life away from substances.