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Agia Skepi oil painting
Modern Interior Design

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Are you interested in contributing to a meaningful social project?

Do you wish to enhance the digital visibility of your positive actions and create a connection between your brand and the charitable mission of "Agia Skepi"?

The interaction of our organizations has the potential to enhance our missions and impact.

Our values/goals:

  • The social reintegration of people addicted to addictive substances

  • Sustainable environmental development

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Since 2006, the group has practically supported the program, through the Association of Friends of Agia Skepi. It raffles off a car each year and the proceeds from the sale of the tickets support the organization.


The collaboration with AlfaMega allowed Agia Skepi Bio to penetrate the Cypriot market and significantly contributed to the consolidation of its commercial brand.


Pizza Hut supports the program's work with ongoing initiatives and donations.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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