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Mother & child

Family Program

Services now also in Limassol

Whatever happens, there is hope.

Get help now, for yourself or someone you love

You make the beginning...

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"The biggest difficulty is to see your own person being a slave to addiction and at the same time not being able to admit it"

- Dafni Morroni - Therapist

Family Program

Τηλεφώνησε ή συμπλήρωσε τα στοιχεία σου και θα επικοινωνήσουμε μαζί σου το συντομότερο

Τέλεια! Θα επικοινωνήσουμε μαζί σου το συντομότερο!

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We understand you

You need support to be able to help the one you love.

We will be very happy to meet you!

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What the program offers

Agia Skepi operates a family program in Nicosia and Limassol, offering the following services:


Support - It concerns the relatives of the members who are now in Agia Skepi

Support from the close environment of the individuals undergoing treatment is particularly important for achieving the program's goals and reducing the chances of future relapse during reintegration. The program includes family support, individual and group counseling for parents, and psychoeducation for parents.


Support - Applies to those whose children (or spouse) are still in use

The program is aimed at parents or partners who are dealing with the dependency of a loved one who has not yet sought help or does not acknowledge the problem. It aims to constructively involve the parents or partners, with the ultimate goal of contributing to the mobilization of the person who is using substances.


Individual / group counseling and psychoeducational groups

It is necessary that the family and partners have gone through counseling so that they are properly prepared to welcome and support the graduates of the program and can, in cooperation with the social reintegration program, be part of a support network.  

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