Agia Skepi operates programs in the Therapeutic Community (TC) in Filani, Politiko, and in the Counselling Station (CS) in Aglantzia, Nicosia.

Programme A (CS) - Mobilisation

The program is directed at users who are not ready to ask for help. It aims to improve their living conditions as much as possible, and decrease their exposure to risk. Its ultimate goal is to mobilise users to seek treatment.

Programme B (CS) - Induction

The programme prepares long-term users for internal residence within the community.  It informs potential members regarding the requirements and creates the appropriate conditions (such as building trust) in order to maximise their chances of completing the program.

Programmes C, C.1, D, D.1, (TC) - Internal residence /

Separate for men and women*

The programmes form the main axis of treatment and aim to rehabilitate members at a personal, social and family level. They are carried out in a space of internal residence within the therapeutic community. Men and women live in different wards are receive group treatment separately.

Community members work, learn, and express themselves in a protected and free environment. In this setting, the cause of each individual’s substance abuse is identified so that it can be focused on during treatment.

The programmes operate based on the models of Therapeutic Communities and of the Cognitive - Behavioural School, and other models according to the needs of the patients. The programs focus on:

  • Recognising and managing of emotions

  • Developing social skills

  • Learning to take responsibility

  • Managing post-traumatic stress

  • Anger management

  • Relapse prevention

In cooperation with the office of the Attorney General and the Central Prisons Department of Cyprus, Agia Skepi offers access to its programmes to persons with a drug abuse problem, convicted for the possession or use of illegal substances.

Programmes E and F (TC) - Occupational Therapy /

Separate for men and women*

Community members participate in a professional work environment and assume a number of revolving positions. This results in the development of a varied set of skills and work mentality that is essential for successful reintegration.

Providing this type of training is crucial, as a significant number of members do not have substantial work experience. An ongoing effort is being made to utilise programmes offered by the Cyprus Human Resource Development Authority and Productivity Centre.

Programmes E and F (CS) - Reintegration /

Separate for men and women*

Once the internal residence program is successfully completed, patients progress to the reintegration hostel, which is co-located with the counselling station. They continue to participate in group therapy and are compelled to develop autonomy and become active in society.

Treatments groups focus on preventing relapse, finding employment as wells a personal living space. Emphasis is also placed on adapting to society and the creative management of leisure time.

Programme M (KE) - Internal residence for Adolescents

The programme is aimed at adolescents aged from 13 to 19 years, and lasts between six and nine months. It is held in an area of internal residence in the Latsia-Geri area and is financed entirely by the Cyprus National Addictions Authority (CNAA).

Program G (CS) - Alumni Support 

Once reintegrated, graduates face daily challenges that could lead them to a possible relapse. The program aims to provide support from a qualified psychologist to members who have completed the program, for as long as necessary.  

Program H - Family (relatives of Agia Skepi members)

Support from relatives is particularly important in achieving the objectives of the programme and in order to reduce the likelihood of relapse during reintegration.

The program includes family support, individual and group counselling for parents, and parental psycho-education.

It is necessary for family and friends to go through counselling in order to be prepared to welcome and support patients. In collaboration with the social reintegration program, relatives form a support network.

Program I / Family Counselling (for relatives of users that have not asked for help) 

The program is intended to help relatives of users who are not participating in a program. It provides support to families, individual and group counselling, and psycho-education groups. It aims at informing parents about issues of substance use so as to mobilise the user to seek treatment.

Programs J and K (TC/CS) - Practice for psychology students

Postgraduate students of applied psychology from universities in Cyprus have the opportunity to apply for positions of supervised clinical practice at Agia Skepi.

Through this program, a mutual exchange of know-how takes place between the educational institutions and the Therapeutic Community. While Agia Skepi contributes to the formation and clinical training of professionals, it stays up to date on research, allowing it to expand its offerings.

Internship opportunities for undergraduate social work and psychology students are also available.

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* Women's Therapeutic Community "Panagia Shelter”

Agia Skepi has been running a program exclusively for women since 2012, in cooperation with the Anti-Drug Council. The purpose-built and independent ward can host 16 women and consists of 8 rooms, a living room, a kitchen, and workshops for occupational therapy.

Separating genders is important for the success of the programme as women, some of whom are mothers, have gone through different experiences. They are treated by female staff.

Genders are invited to co-exist again during treatment in the reintegration phase.