Agia Skepi Internships

Internship involves a commitment of 6 months with a minimum of 20 hours per week. There are four rotations per year.  


Start: October 1 / Duration: Oct 1-Mar 31 / Application Deadline: September 1 / Interviews: September 15

Start: January 1 / Duration: Jan 7-Jun 30 / Application Deadline: December 1 / Interviews: December 15

Start: April 1 / Duration: April 1-Sep30 / Application Deadline: March 1 / Interviews: March 15

Start: Jun 1 / Duration: Jul 1-Dec 31 / Application Deadline: June 1 / Interviews: June 15

Note: All dates refer to the first Thursday coming after the announced date.

The application includes the following:

  1. Cover letter expressing their interest and autobiographical statement

  2. Two recommendation letters (preferably one from a previous practicum supervisor)

  3. Curriculum Vitae

  4. A full description of prior/current practicum experience (including hours).

All the relevant application documents should be sent electronically to in a single email. Recommendation letters should be scanned and sent with the other documents.